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In 2011, Rushmore SC added a fundraising opportunity that would not only benefit our players but allow us to "give back" to a childrens charity. As a youth organization, we selected Make-A-Wish South Dakota because of the impact we can make on a childs dream. In our first year, we were able to raise donations in the amount of $1248 for Make-A-Wish South Dakota!

This year, the event will be held at the Sioux Park Stadium on November 3rd from 11:00AM until 3:00PM. We will have a U10 field in the center of the stadium, with a U12 field in the middle, and a U13-19 field on the exterior. 

Here's how the program works... 
Individuals can give a lump sum donation to a player for participating in the Dribble-A-Thon or they can give a pledge based on the number of laps they complete around their age appropriate soccer field in one hour (up to 25 laps). This isn't easy!  In fact, only 8 players were able to complete 25 laps last year (although South_Dakota_MAWthe majority finished around 20). 

Players will receive 70% of the amount collected into their player account for soccer expenses. Make-A-Wish South Dakota will receive 25% and the remaining 5% will be used for prizes and awards. The boys & girls players with the most money collected will receive a gift certificate and the top team will receive a Pizza Party for all the players that participated in the event!

During the event... 

  1. Participants may take a break at any point, but once they start... so does the time!
  2. Dribble-A-Thon officials will have a punch card with the player name, age group, and their start time. Every time the player completes a lap, they will receive a punch on their card until their hour has expired. 
  3. Although we encourage pledges/donations to be made upfront, they can be collected afterward. However, all pledges must be turned to the team fundraising coordinator one week following the event. Since Rushmore SC and Make-A-Wish South Dakota are non-profit organizations, 100% of the donations are tax deductible.

For more information on the Dribble-A-Thon, contact Paula Clary .

Make_A_Wish_Pres_3The Rushmore U13/14 Girls (pictured on right) were the winning team last year.  We would also like to congratulate the following players that were able to complete 25 laps in one hour; Brandon Thomas (U12B), Nya Henderson (U11G), Maddison Sullivan (U13G), Avery Wood (U13G), Kyra Butler (U13G), Desitnee Cole (U13G), Sarah Glanzer (U14G), and Leah Emerson (U14G).